Frontal drives the war machine … with an incisive technical death metal, it’s incredibly efficient. A good dose of technicality mixed with the « French touch » (Gojira, Trepalium, etc.) and the new techno death scene (The Faceless). The musicians assure very rich compositions along with a front man that knows how to hold the stage » Radio Metal France

The bands first show and Demo release, opening for Lamb of God in July 2009 is the start of a more than violent existence, conquering legions of fans and great memories. The Frontal members have had the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as: Lamb of God, Agnostic Front, Sepultura, Devil Driver, Bullet for my Valentine, Marylin Manson and Municipal Waste…along with many more. Now it’s your turn to experience this promising and upcoming band.

One year after Frontal’s debut, the band represented France at the Wacken Battle contest and showed what they are capable of. After a few years refining and preparing their debut album, Frontal is back on stage and ready to conquer. The album "Death Eaters" Out May 23rd 2014 is a massive explosion of sound, prepare for the Frontal assault in your town soon!